Who can sign up for Omegado Media?

Content creators with at least 1k subscribers or followers on any social platform can sign up for Omegado Media.

Who can sign up for Reputation Management?

Creators with at least 250,000+ views across digital platforms can sign up for Reputation Management.

How much do I have to pay for a sign up?

Absolutely nothing. Actually you’d be making revenue every month and we’ll take a percentage of that depending on which Creator model you choose.

How do I submit my videos?

Creator can share the videos through e-mail or Drive depending upon the size.

How will own my videos?

Creator owns the content while OmegaDo Media retains the exclusive right to distribute the content across all digital platforms.

Will I have a separate channel on Youtube?

Only if you create enough viewership and content. Otherwise the content will be distributed on Dot Republic Media network channels.

How do I pick trending topics for my videos?

Top Creators create content which is current. Whether it’s celebrity talk, big events, or political news, touching on trends is a sure way to grow your channel. The best place to find out what people are searching for is Google Trends! It highlights what’s trending now and what was trending in the past.

How to pick tags for the videos?

Video tags are key to your SEO strategy. Add both short- and long-tailed keywords in your tags that focus in on the topic(s) of your videos. Examples:

  • Short-tailed: Fashion, Trends, Latest, Summer
  • Long-tailed: Summer Trends, Latest Summer Fashion Trends

The order of your tags doesn’t matter! Google and YouTube treat all tags the same.

How do I add the perfect title?

Video title needs to intrigue viewers instantly and make them eager to watch.
Few strong practices that attract viewers and help video rise to the top in the search engine ranking:

  • Include keywords:
    E.g. If the video is on a makeup look, ‘Makeup Tutorial’ should be in the title and description.
  • Put keyword first:
    E.g. Makeup Tutorial | Perfect Evening Look | Zoella
  • Put keywords in caps or not?
    Though this may certainly attract some viewers’ attention, it may annoy others and deter them from clicking on the video.


Which type of content is eligible for monetization?

Every video that is 100 percent yours can be monetized.

How much money would I make?

Each time a viewer watches an advertisement on your video, you get paid. How much revenue you earn depends on the watch time and countries of your viewers.

How many ads can be placed on a video?

For a video that is less than 10 minutes in duration, only 1 ad can be placed. However, a video that is longer than 10 minutes has no limitation on the number of ads.

Will I start making money right away?

On our network you start making money right away. An individual channel is eligible for monetization once it reaches 4000 hours of watch time, with minimum of 1,000 subscribers and 1 month of formation.

Do I need an AdSense Account?

No. An AdSense account is not required as part of your OmegaDo Media partnership.

How will I get paid?

Your earnings will be paid out directly from into your PayPal account or Local Bank Account, depending upon the payment model you choose.

Can I buy subscribers or views to increase my revenue?

No! YouTube has very strict guidelines about purchasing views, likes, and subscribers. If YouTube detects any of this activity, they can and will shut down your account permanently. Plus, purchasing views, likes, and subscribers adds no benefit to your videos or account anyway.

Legal and Copyrights

My video has copyrighted content. What do I do now?

Any video that contains copyrighted material can be claimed or removed by the copyright owner. If your videos contain content that isn’t yours, it’s best if you remove it before action is taken against it. If a video has already received a copyright strike, removing the video will not remove the strike.

I received a copyright strike, how do I remove it?

Copyright strikes can arise for several reasons. If you uploaded content that another publisher owns (such as a video clip or a song clip) without the publisher’s permission, they have the right to request that YouTube remove it.

Someone has uploaded my video. What do I do?

If you find that someone else has stolen one of your videos and uploaded it to YouTube, you can now submit a claim to OmegaDo Media. We’ll deal with it directly and win you the stolen revenue you deserve. Just provide us the following information via [email protected]

Link to your original video: What’s the URL for your 100% original video?
Link to the stolen copy: What’s the URL of the stolen copy of your content?
Timecode: When (in terms of hours:minutes:seconds) does your content appear in the stolen video? (If it’s the entire video, enter 00:00:00.)

Policy: What action do you want OmegaDo Media to take on the stolen content? (In most cases, you’ll want to monetize so you can grow your earnings.)

  • Monetize: Earn money from any views the stolen video gets.
  • Track: Keep track of all views of the stolen video within your YouTube analytics.
  • Block: Keep the stolen video from being viewable on YouTube.
  • Strike: Report the stolen video (and the uploader) to YouTube.
Why do I need C1 or Dot Republic Media?

Fingerprinting isn’t available to creators on individual level and DRM is the largest South Asian network in the world. If you’re elegible to work with us, your exposure will be to over 500M people globally.

How will you get my stolen videos removed?

YouTube content ID creates a fingerprint of your content. The Network automatically matches content across the globe enabling creators to track/claim/take down in a scalable and automated manner.

How long does it take to process claims?

Depending on the amount of claims that are submitted, it can take up to 72 hours to receive an answer.